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Protecting Gloucestershire’s future is key to the success of visitor economy businesses in our county. The relationship between tourism and education is a vital connection to the supply of talent. A coordinated and joined up approach to educating, training, upskilling and finding our people employment is what educategloucestershire is all about.

Building a fairer future where every young person benefits from engagement with business

We want all young people in Gloucestershire to feel part of their community, as they journey through their education, we want them to feel connected to the county. Educate Gloucestershire provides the connection between Education settings and Business. Through various schemes, our young talent can benefit from all the support our county network has to offer and we hope they go on to stay in Gloucestershire as part of their career.

Climate Crisis

We are all deeply concerned about the climate crisis.

Education is an essential element of the global response to climate change.

That’s why as part of our Climate Action Plan we want to Educate Gloucestershire in the Climate Crisis.

We have teamed up with AimHi who are the nature-first, curiosity-powered online school on a mission to make world-class live learning accessible to everyone.

We want everyone in Gloucestershire to understand the climate crisis and how to make a difference.

You can join the AimHi Climate Course to understand more and be ready for the future.

Gem – Going The Extra Mile

We want every person that lives in Gloucestershire to feel included when they are searching for employment. The GEM Project aims to engage with and support individuals within Gloucestershire who are currently dealing with circumstances that are potentially causing barriers to work and move these people closer towards education, training, volunteering or work, including self-employment.

Educational Experience

Engaging our young people through their primary and secondary education with trips to visitor economy businesses in Gloucestershire will provide a great learning experience, whether it’s a local hotel, an attraction or a farm – Gloucestershire’s rich network of tourism businesses can provide learning experiences that provide engagement and plant the early seeds of belonging. By engaging young people early we believe this will inspire our young people to stay and work in the county.

Corporate – Social – Responsibility

We want every business in Gloucestershire to provide a positive and effective contribution to the communities in which they operate.

As part of a Partners CSR we want them to help their communities, incorporating them as a natural extension of their commitment – to help them manage their businesses and for local residents and employees to feel protected with employment opportunities, community investment and provide a local sustainable future their families and livelihoods.


Supporting Those Who Support Others

Planning and developing a career is an ongoing process, not just something that you do when circumstances make it a necessity.

Whatever stage a person in Gloucestershire finds themself in, we want them to feel connected to a career plan, whether it is looking for a new job; planning their next move; looking for ways to challenge and develop themself – educategloucestershire supports organisations who offer a wide range of tools, support and guidance to help a person along the way.

Workplace Experience & Apprenticeships

Gloucestershire’s tourism businesses have an opportunity to showcase their employment settings as part of a Workplace Experience or an Apprenticeship scheme, we want those who are searching for employment to have an opportunity to experience and perform in the workplace and gain first-hand experience of the opportunities and work life in Gloucestershire.

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